Celebrating the Launch of PEAS Kampinda in Zambia

Written by Sue Normand, PEAS Ambassador

It has been a big two weeks for PEAS, with three events in Zambia!

Cocktail Event

Our first event was a Cocktail Event in Lusaka on the evening of Monday 19th March, attended by Government Dignitaries, Industry Leaders, Educators, members of the press and PEAS staff from the Zambian and London offices.

The event was opened with a reading on behalf of the Minister of General Education;

This partnership between PEAS and my ministry presents a tremendous opportunity for thousands of young Zambians and for the future of our country as we work towards a time when all children in this country are able to access secondary school.

The audience and panel then debated “The importance of investing in Education”. There were some invaluable insights presented by Dr. Sunday Mwape, Director of Standards and Curriculum, the Ministry of General Education: Russell Fairhurst of The Costa Foundation; John Rendel, PEAS Founder and CEO; and Professor Esther Nkandu Munalula, President of the Institute of Directors. The panel was chaired by Chibamba Kanyama, a journalist who previously headed the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation.

The discussions were inspiring and everyone came away motivated to support PEAS in its mission to deliver Accessible, Quality and Sustainable education to those who currently do not have an opportunity to attend secondary school in Zambia.

Professor Esther gave a powerful speech about the transformational power of education and the imperative for people to act given the key role of education as a tool in Zambia's development. 

As Legal Director of Whitbread PLC and Trustee of the Costa Foundation, Russell Fairhurst reinforced that corporates can engage employees at the same time as helping thousands of children in Zambia; 

"Imagine how you will feel when you visit a school and look into the eyes of happy children and know that it was you and your company that funded the school. Your employees will feel great pride in themselves and their company when you tell them that it was them that made it happen".

kampinda 1.png

aving enjoyed Lusaka the PEAS Team moved up to Kasama in the Northern Province to prepare for the opening of the PEAS Kampinda School on Thursday 22nd March.

The Proflight schedule had us all arrive on time, so we could spend the day visiting the school and admiring the facilities and preparations, some of which were busily being finished off. 

Land Site for New School in Mungwi

On the Wednesday afternoon, we had our second major event.  We were all invited to come and see the site for the next PEAS school. 

Approximately 30km from Kasama, we travelled to Mfinshi, in the Mungwi district. Mungwi is a largely rural district with no major towns or large settlements, and a population whose major source of income is agriculture. We were first met by the District Commissioner of Mungwi, Mr. Bwalya Kaniki, before we travelled to the site itself, some 8km off the main road in the Mungwi district. 

We had no idea of the reception we would meet upon our arrival, which turned out to be quite extraordinary. Approximately 600 people had gathered, despite the terrible weather, to witness the handing over of the land from the Head Man of the village and to show their gratitude for the opportunities that will come through the building of a PEAS secondary school for children of the locality.

We will be sharing a video that tells you all you need to know about how everyone celebrates the transformation that comes through the presence of a school! So keep an eye on our website for more.

Launch of PEAS Kampinda School

Our final event of the week was the official opening of the PEAS Kampinda School.

Blessed with good weather and a welcome from the choir of pupils as we entered (which had most of us either crying or dancing or both) we were honoured with the attendance of Brian Mundubile - Government Minister for the Northern Province, the Mayor of Kasama, the senior Chief Mwaba, District Commissioner for Kasama, the Provincial Education Officer for the Northern Province, a representative for the Area MP Kasama Central and the heads of department from different line ministries. We also welcomed our funding partners who have sponsored the building of the school, with particular thanks to the Costa Foundation, the COINS Foundation, OLAM, the SITA Foundation, the Brown Family and T&J Meyer. 

The event and speeches passed without a hitch and we were again treated to some inspirational words throughout the ceremony.

To all of those involved in the planning, building and funding of this school we say a HUGE THANK YOU

The difference your work and money will bring to the lives of thousands of pupils who can now gain a quality education at this school is enormous and will benefit the child, their family and Zambia’s economy and future.

We hope you will be inspired to help us as we look to build our next school in ZAMBIA. 

You can find more about how to help us by contacting us or visiting us at www.PEAS.org.uk."

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