Over 60 million young people in Sub-Saharan are missing out on secondary education. Of those that do start, less than half finish.​


Nearly 80% of Uganda’s population are under 30 and have little access to quality secondary education.

In 2008 we built our first school in Uganda. We now have 30 schools, serving over 16,000 students from rural communities across 23 districts in Uganda. Using this experience, we are partnering with over 200 government schools and are working closely with the Ministry of Education to strengthen the wider education system so students across the country can benefit.

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For every 10 primary schools in Zambia, there is only one secondary school.

PEAS opened its first school in Zambia in 2012. Today, we have six schools educating over 3,000 students from rural communities. We want all young people to access a quality education, so we are working with the Ministry of Education to identify cost-effective approaches to improve school quality and inclusion within government schools.

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In rural Ghana, on average, girls attain 4 years of education, compared to 13 years in more affluent areas.

PEAS launched our first pilot programme in Ghana in 2023. We are working with local partners to design and deliver a sustainable school improvement programme in government schools. This pilot will form the platform for future system level strengthening.

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