Nearly 80% of Uganda’s population are under 30 and have little access to quality secondary education.

In 2008 we built our first school in Uganda. We now have 30 schools, serving over 16,000 students from rural communities across 23 districts in Uganda. Using this experience, we are partnering with over 200 government schools and are working closely with the Ministry of Education to strengthen the wider education system.


Evidence shows, PEAS students come from poorer households, they start further behind and make faster learning progress. They feel safer, get better exam results and are better equipped for life after school. We achieve this at a lower cost than government schools.


PEAS Uganda has been partnering with the Ugandan Ministry of Education since 2019 to make long-term improvements in government schools to transform the wider national education system.

Drawing on our 15 years’ experience running schools, we’ve supported the Ministry to equip school leaders with the skills and support they need to address issues of poor management, ineffective teaching, and unsafe learning environments in government schools.

To date, 128,000 students in 200 rural government schools have been impacted. By the end of 2026, we expect to see improvements in learning outcomes and enrolment for almost half a million students in schools across Uganda. 

Our programme aims to equip school leaders with the skills and support needed to make long-term improvements, both in their schools and the wider system.

student spotlight
student spotlight

Miremba is an 18-year-old student from Uganda who lives with her parents and five siblings in a temporary house made from mud. Here she shares how the feeding programme at PEAS has supported her.

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She said: “Compared to my primary school, where the buildings were poorly constructed, this school is a huge change. I used to walk for at least one hour to get to my primary school, but now it is very close to my home. Since this school was built, many more children in the community have been able to attend because parents are willing to bring their children to school every day.

“Unlike other schools, lunch is provided here, which is a huge help to many families. The school fees are low compared to other schools in the area. I might not have been able to attend secondary school if it hadn’t been for this school, as my parents would have struggled to pay the fees.

“The lockdown in Uganda was exceptionally long, lasting nearly two years. During this time, PEAS distributed learning packs to students and sent regular text messages to our parents’ phones. They also broadcast classes on the radio three times a week. When the school reopened on the 10th of January, I was excited to reconnect with friends and teachers whom I hadn’t seen in a long time, and I was also excited to continue my studies.

“I love the academic performance at my school. At the end of Senior Four, most students pass with very few failures. I want to be a nurse or a teacher when I finish school so that I can make a difference in the lives of the Ugandan population.”

Miremba, a student from Uganda

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