Sustainable education

We believe in a world where all children enjoy an education that unlocks their full potential


Girls throughout Africa already face numerous barriers to receiving an education. Even when these are overcome, a number of threats still remain, including early marriage and pregnancy.  

"I’d like to see an education system that empowers all Ugandans with literacy, numeracy and vocational skills"

For PEAS boarder Emmanuel, the importance of education for all is obvious. Although he enjoys agricultural activities, such as growing crops and keeping animals at his family’s farm, his academic studies are his priority. 

Sarah, a teacher, chose to send her daughter Peace, 13, to a PEAS school. Sarah chose PEAS because of the cooperation and openness between the parents and the teachers, whom she believes are dedicated to their work and the future of their pupils. 

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Earlier this month PEAS was very proud to present 'An Education', our annual fundraising event where celebrities and PEAS' guests are put through their paces by PEAS patron Jeremy Paxman in a University Challenge style quiz.