21 02 24

PEAS Top 10 Teaching Practices Handbook

21 02 24

This handbook has been designed for school leaders. For further information, please read below.


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What are PEAS’ Top 10 Teaching Practices?
PEAS Top 10 Teaching Practices are a set of key teaching practices that define what great teaching looks like in the context where PEAS works.

How were Peas’ Top 10 Teaching Practices developed?
The Top 10 were developed based on international best practice, as well as observations of PEAS’ most effective teachers, and they are grounded in a body of evidence from cognitive neuroscience about how our brains learn. Taken together, these practices enable teachers to deliver student-centred, gender-responsive lessons that maximise student learning.

What’s included in this handbook?
This handbook provides guidance and information on PEAS’ approach to teacher development. It includes scripted manuals to guide school leaders to deliver Continuous Professional Development sessions, and a bank of tools and guidance to support school leaders when approaching, implementing, and effectively monitoring teacher development.

How should this handbook be used?
School Leaders can use this handbook as a resource and reference tool, when navigating how to implement and monitor teacher development in their schools. Section 1 provides guidance and information on PEAS’ approach to teacher development. Section 2 contains scripted manuals for delivering Continuous Professional Development sessions. Section 3 provides all the tools necessary for implementing and monitoring PEAS’ approach to teacher development.


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