21 02 24

PEAS Child Protection Trainer Guide for School Focal People

21 02 24

This resource has been designed for school leaders. For more information, read below.


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What is PEAS’ approach to Safeguarding and Child Protection? 

PEAS takes a zero-tolerance and student-centred approach to Safeguarding and Child Protection. We deliver this by developing robust policies, comprehensive training, and support to protect our students and staff. This is then monitored through regular data collection, based on safeguarding standards and strengthened through collaboration with local government officials, community development officers  and the police.

What is the purpose of this document? 

This training guide is aimed at supporting school-based Child Protection Focal People train teachers, students, student leaders and community members on issues related to Child Protection. The guide has been designed with scripted, interactive sessions that should engage participants to think critically, participate actively and reflect deeply.

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