Lweendo is a proactive student and budding journalist who has transformed his passion for the environment and reporting into local action. Motivated by the impact of climate change and environmental degradation in his community, Lweendo established the school’s first Climate Action Club to bring together like-minded peers. Together they discuss and develop student-led solutions to environment and biodiversity issues in the local area. By harnessing his journalistic skills, he has been able to shine a spotlight on environmental issues in the local area, inspiring students and community members to actively engage in addressing the challenges.

Mary is a former PEAS student now a PEAS teacher at Onwards and Upwards Secondary School in Uganda. Inspired by her own educational journey, Mary developed a passion for teaching and has chosen a career pathway that enables her to shape the next generation of leaders. Mary has lived the experiences of her students, and tailors her teaching approach to her students’ interests and needs. She wants to unlock the full potential of her students and give them the confidence and skills to choose a pathway that is right for them beyond school.

As Head Prefect at a PEAS school in Uganda, Kenyangi is a trailblazer for gender equity and inclusion. Her participation in Girls’ Clubs has empowered her to understand and challenge gender norms, inspiring her to take on leadership roles both at and beyond school. Recently she addressed a national audience on UBC Radio, highlighting the qualities of effective leadership, the challenges girls face getting to leadership, -, and the crucial role of respect in fostering positive student-teacher relationships. Her advocacy reflects the impact of educated, empowered individuals in shaping an equitable society.

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