A new report from the Girls’ Education Challenge says our schools offer “very strong value for money in providing access and learning outcomes.”

What is the report?

The report reviewed the value for money of the GEARR-ing Up for Success After School (GEARR – Girls Enrolment, Attendance, Retention & Results), a programme in Uganda to improve access to quality education for marginalised secondary school children. It also assessed all of PEAS’ work across our school network and our systems strengthening work in Uganda.

The programme was funded by the Girls Education Challenge – a UK aid fund that supported our work in Uganda from 2013 to 2021.

The report assessed our costs against the benefits delivered by exploring the intervention’s relevancy, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

What did the report find?

Through its core school programme activities, PEAS offers very strong cost-effectiveness, relevance, and sustainability, according to the report.

The annual cost of the schools per beneficiary (£202) was found to be 27 per cent lower than the government equivalent. The report acknowledged how this reduces barriers to education, particularly because PEAS targets highly marginalised girls.

“The GEARR model offers very strong value for money in providing access and learning outcomes. It is cost-effective and likely to be 100% financially sustainable by 2026.”

Findings identified the programme as a ‘Smart Buy’ – the top Value for Money rating.

PEAS’ system-strengthening work, the role of senior women teachers in schools, and COVID-19 activities were all mentioned as promising, highly relevant, and effective.

‘’The report is important because it demonstrated PEAS’ commitment to its mission and justifies our drive to impact the wider education systems through cascading such great practices for adoption by other education providers especially governments where we work’’ said Henry Senkasi, Country Director for PEAS Uganda.

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