We’re so proud of all of our PEAS schools, leaders and teachers who have Grade 9 students to achieve our best results to date.  

A remarkable 72% of our Grade 9 students obtained certificates, compared to 53-62% across the provinces where we operate.

Our schools have performed consistently higher than national average since 2016. But this year, our students scored 18 percentage points higher than the national average – the widest gap we’ve ever had. We’re particularly proud of PEAS girls who outperformed boys this year.

We recognise the hard work and commitment of our support teams, school leaders and teachers. Their tireless efforts have played a crucial role in giving students the best opportunity to build the confidence and skills they need for academic success.

We’re partnering with the government to share what works across the wider education system so that we can give more young people the opportunity to access an inclusive, quality secondary education – not just students at PEAS schools. In Zambia, we’re working with 70 government schools, reaching over 30,000 students.

So, what did we do last year that helped to make PEAS schools so great?

In 2023, we strengthened our approach to Leadership Development in Zambia. This included redefining induction and mentorship for new leaders and designing a robust Leadership Development Programme centred on PEAS Leadership Standards. We invest in our school leaders because we know that great leadership is the key driver of our schools’ successes.

Our teachers have been equipped to provide targeted “catch up” support to students at risk of falling behind. Learner-centred teaching approaches help teachers to identify these students early, who are then supported through small, teacher-led interventions and remedial programmes. You can read more about our remedial programmes in this series of blogs.

Last year in the northern province of Zambia, we partnered with the World Bicycle Relief to design and deliver the Cycling for Success Programme. With generous funding from the Costa Foundation, we were able to provide 240 Buffalo Bicycles to the most marginalised day students to reduce their travel time and help them feel safer on their journey to school. The aim of this programme was to increase student attendance, retention and safety, as well as giving more time for students to study. You can read more about this programme here.

We’re extremely proud of our schools and our students for their hard work and well-deserved results.


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