We are celebrating #InternationalDayofEducation all week. This year’s theme is ‘learning for lasting peace,’ which Maureen, our dedicated Child Protection Officer in Uganda, works hard to achieve. 

In her role, Maureen passionately advocates for the rights of every student, with a special focus on girls. She empowers students to make informed decisions about their academic and social aspirations while supporting teachers in creating a conducive learning environment and safe spaces in schools.  

In this blog, Maureen shares why she takes pride in working in the education sector and how a PEAS education promotes learning for lasting peace. 

“Teaching children gives me great joy because it gives me an opportunity that very few people get: to influence children, generations, and cultures. As a community leader, curriculum, and safeguarding specialist, I use the platform of education to bring healing to children, to teach important values like justice, peace, and collaboration in ways that are child-friendly and impactful for a long time. I employ my rare attributes like wit, empathy, and grit to encourage children and young people to discover and delight in who they are.”

“A PEAS education regards teachers as the spark for the much-needed change and improvement in the education space. Students in PEAS schools are supported to not only know their rights but also attend to their responsibilities. Students who go through PEAS schools are self-aware, confident, and respectful of the rights and boundaries of peers and adults. They are also given opportunities to advocate for causes that promote peace and justice within their schools and communities.”

“Since 2022, PEAS Uganda has worked with Strong Minds, who have provided training to some teachers in PEAS schools to support students and individuals who might be struggling with their mental health. This training will go a long way in stabilising schools and fostering positive relationships between students and teachers.”

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