Huge celebrations acknowledged the A Level launch days in the Karabole and Mitooma districts in Western Uganda in November 2018. Parents and community members were invited to witness the joyous occasion, celebrating the students’ talents. Music, drama, poetry, arts and crafts were jubilantly exhibited and there was a clear undertone of the hope these learners had towards this promising next step in their education. These A Level launches are considered one of PEAS’ greatest achievements of 2018, as previously only 1 PEAS operated schools in Western Uganda had an A Level centre.

For many students in Uganda, finishing O Levels would be an end to their education; currently 29.2% pupils progress from O Level to A Level. This is something PEAS wishes to change by providing the option of A Levels in PEAS schools. Many students are willing to continue to A Level studies, however not all can afford the additional years fees at a non PEAS school. Boys are often favoured over girls to send on to A Level, in Uganda for every 100 boys to complete A Level education only 64 girls do, there is a need for change.

The opening of A Level classes is a really exciting opportunity for students at these schools, who are so honoured their schools were chosen for A Level launch.

“I am happy the school is developing and our education will too. It’s inspiring students in lower classes to study hard, to work towards their A Levels. I am so excited to be one of the first to continue to A Levels with at PEAS.”

Caroline, student at PEAS school in Karabole District, Uganda

I never imagined myself wishing to continue to A Levels before joining PEAS. When I joined I had a negative attitude in class, however PEAS has helped me change my outlook with their positive teaching. I can’t wait to start studying A Levels here!”

Grace, student at PEAS school in Mitooma District, Uganda



he academic step from O Level to A Level is considerable, students are expected to think more maturely and with advanced reason. PEAS students in Uganda are ready to take this step with an average O Level pass rate of 95% in 2017; these bright young minds require the provision of further education. The students were excited to enhance their skills with high quality education, to mould them into well rounded citizens when they take on the outside world.

“As we move forwards, we know better things will be acquired through having a quality education. I believe PEAS will give me an education that will enable me achieve my dreams. I am excited to start my A Levels come 2019”

Brenda, student at PEAS school in Mitooma District, Uganda


Written by Goretti Kenyanje, PEAS Uganda Western Region Administration Assistant

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