From our Founder - John Rendel

"Across Africa, millions of children stand at the edge of an education cliff. With rapid rises in primary school enrolment, children are completing primary school in ever greater numbers but have nowhere to continue their education. Too few schools exist, and those that do, charge unaffordable fees. As a result, just 1 in 3 Africans access secondary school. Even when they do, in many cases weak school management and ineffective teaching mean they often don't reach their potential.


And yet secondary education is completely life changing for young people. A child whose mother can read is 50% more likely to live past the age of five. Each additional year of secondary education adds 13% to a person’s lifetime earnings - that's enough to take a family out of poverty. Today, 72 million African children are missing out on secondary education, and the chance to change their lives.


We started PEAS to stop children falling off this education cliff.


PEAS helps children go on to have big lives. By a 'big life' we mean a fulfilling life. A secure life. A life they're in control of. The best education builds people up. Education is not sufficient on its own to guarantee success, but it is the most fundamental foundation on which a child might hope to turn his or her life, into a big life."