PEAS, Terms of Reference: Development of Student Outcome Assessments

As part of PEAS' work to increase the quality and relevance of education, we are currently looking for external consultants to work alongside the PEAS team in developing our approach to measurement in three different areas in Uganda – these are (1) the assessment of special educational needs (SEN) amongst students in PEAS schools, (2) assessment of student literacy and numeracy levels, and (3) the assessment of non-academic outcomes – specifically the development of life skills, knowledge and attributes that prepare students for life beyond school. 

PEAS has existing curricula to develop students’ literacy and life skills which we would expect to inform the approach to measurement in areas (2) and (3). In the area of SEN assessment, PEAS’ existing data and assessments are more limited, so we would be looking to potentially develop a wholly new approach. 

We are commissioning these as three separate pieces of work with separate budgets, and will – in the first instance – seek the best candidates for each strand. However, we also welcome proposals from consultants who feel they are adequately experienced to cover any combination of the three areas of work and/or may want to bid in a consortium. 

Due to the timeframes involved, we can only consider applications from consultants able to complete the assignments within the timeline specified. 

Application Requirements:

To apply, please download the detailed Terms of Reference below, which contains further information on the projects and full application instructions. The deadline for submissions is 09:00 EAT (GMT+3:00) on Friday, 5th May. All proposals should be submitted via email to using the subject line ‘Student Outcomes Assessment Project'.

Document Link: PEAS, Terms of Reference: Development of Student Outcome Assessments

Should have any questions as you are preparing your proposal, please submit them via email before the deadline to or