Tia's story


Meet Tia. Herself and her younger sister are both students at our PEAS Kabuta secondary school in Zambia.

“Me and my sister are so happy that we are both here at this school and that our parents did not have to choose who they would send to secondary school because at PEAS we don’t pay fees – what more can we ask for!”

In Zambia, most families face the tough decision to choose which of their children will go on to attend secondary education. This is because school fees are costly meaning they cannot afford to pay for all of their children to attend. At PEAS we keep fees as low as we can to encourage the poorest students to attend. 

“The PEAS secondary school is something which was not expected to happen in this area, my parents would always say ‘since Zambia got independence, our community has never had any form of development, the school is a thing of joy!’”

When providing schools in Zambia, PEAS targets the country’s poorest areas that are in need of schools to enable young people to access secondary education and unlock their potential. The secondary school has enabled numerous of young people like Tia and her sister to further their education due to its location and the free school fees for day students.

“I thank PEAS for making it possible to give the children here the chance of an education and to develop our community.”

“At this school everything is nice, the teachers are always there to deliver quality education and we also have different clubs in the school!”

Tia’s story shows how it is vital for high-quality secondary schools to be provided in undeveloped areas because they offer the opportunity of a better life to the children who live there.

Emmi Matsunaga