Naomi's story

“No other school will ever be like a PEAS school”


Naomi was delighted when she heard a PEAS school was opening in Ibanda district, her local area. Not only was it a great opportunity for her children, but also for the local community, offering potential jobs. Employment is crucial for parents to keep their children in school, whilst improving their family’s standards of living. Naomi had applied for several jobs before being warmly welcomed into the PEAS community as the school canteen lady. Skilfully built by Naomi herself, the wooden canteen is stocked with a wide range of food and drink including juice, samosas, chapatis, sweets and fruit.

Although Naomi initially came to the school looking for a job, she is delighted with all PEAS has to offer. “Our bosses love us, not just the workers, but you can see the love they extend to the parents. I am at peace in my place of work.” Naomi enrolled her son and her daughter in-law at PEAS, paying for both their school fees. She beams with joy as she proudly announces her son was one of the first to join the school when it opened in 2016. Naomi is just so excited to share her joyous experience of PEAS as both an employee and a parent. “I know I couldn’t have made a better choice for my children than PEAS…they take good care of our children,” Naomi radiantly exclaims.

Naomi is happy to work for a school that has the students at the heart of its mission: “One of the reasons I love PEAS is because children aren't denied a chance to go to class because their parents are still paying fees”. The school leadership team work with parents to agree instalment plans that allow fees to be paid off over time, which is hugely important for underprivileged families; no child’s education will be disrupted. Each year of education children receive significantly brightens their future; wage earnings are estimated to increase on average by as much as 13% per year in sub-Saharan Africa. Of the PEAS alumni working in Uganda, 66% earn more than the national monthly average wage; this shows the benefit of a PEAS education.

Looking round her village Naomi can see the positive impact the PEAS school has on the community, “no other school will ever be like a PEAS school” she smiles appreciatively.




Emmi Matsunaga