Empower a Girl Child, Empower the Community

Girls' Clubs have been set-up in PEAS schools to improve girls' confidence, safety, and aspirations. They provide a space for peer-to-peer support and mentoring from senior women teachers and pastoral staff.

To celebrate International Women's Day on 8th March 2018, we asked members of one of our Girls' Club in Uganda what their club means to them, and who inspires them most...

What does your Girls' Club mean to you?


The Girls' Club aims at improving skills and promoting the talents of the girl child as a way for preparing her to become a responsible woman of our nation. She will face the world with courage and confidence, without fearing the circumstances or obstacles that may come her way for a better tomorrow.

"The girl child is one who walks her own footsteps rather than following the direction of the crowd"


Some of the skills I've learnt so far include leadership skills, art and crafts, music, dance and drama. The Girls' Club aims to promote and discover our talents and abilities to enable us to achieve our goals as we mature into responsible women. 

"A strong woman is one who dares to raise her voice in the cause she believes in, and this strength lives in a corner of every woman's heart"


A Girls' Club is a team of sisters - regardless of their tribes, race or background - who come together as one to form a unit. Our club helps the girls to feel part of their society and valued in the community where they live. My teachers sacrifice their time to mentor and develop our skills, helping us to become useful and responsible citizens of our country Uganda. My Girls' Club has mentored my in such a way that I have the confidence to speak out for our voiceless sisters who are in bondage and can't speak for themselves.

"Girls are given the opportunity to stand our ground and feel part of the community, and our respect is recognised"


The Girls' Club has inspired many young girls in school and it has encouraged the girls to build their own foundation, to become responsible women in our country and the future motherhood of the nation. The best way to change the mindset of our community is to create awareness and ensure that girls are realised to their full potential.

"No ability can be displayed without an opportunity


The purpose of the Girls' Club is to increase retention, improve on results and develop our future mothers by instilling leadership, entrepreneurship skills, self-esteem, confidence and empowering us - the girl child. The most exciting part of the Girls' Club is that I've seen girls' retention increase, seen girls taking lead for four years as head prefects, and we have had equal participation in activities like football volleyball, music, dance and drama.

"Empower a girl child, empower the community"

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The girls showing some of the products they've learnt to make at Girls' Club, which they can sell to the community  to raise money for books and supplies

Who inspires you? 


Today marks a call to action for accelerating gender equality. Women are the mothers of this nation who work so hard to fight for girl child education in Uganda. Therefore, my special thanks go to one of the powerful women in my country Uganda, Rebecca Kadaga from Busoga sub region, who inspires me to become a speaker like her someday. Rebecca has been Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda since 2011, and was Deputy Speaker for two terms before that. She is widely respected and known as a powerful force in the development for women and all Ugandans.  


One of the most powerful women in Uganda who inspires me in leadership of our country is, Janet Museveni who has been the First Lady of Uganda since 1986. She has also been the Cabinet Minister of Education and Sports since June 2016, and has previously held various positions in government, including Minister for Karamoja Affairs and an elected Member of Parliament. The First Lady has for the past ten years shown an ambitious persona as a politician. As students of the Girls’ Club, we celebrate her contribution towards our country Uganda and the success of her work.


International Women’s day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities. As students of the Girls’ Club, our appreciation goes to Ms. Betty Nambooze, the most vocal pro-Buganda MP in Uganda’s NRM controlled parliament. Betty Nambooze is a former journalist who sits on the Committee on Public Service and Local Government and the Committee on Local Government Accounts. Nambooze has also served as the spokesperson for the Democratic party and is one of the most popular political voices in Uganda media. Betty Nambooze has fought for her country politically and she is a respected woman MP. Betty Nambooze is my idol and I am inspired by her work and efforts towards Uganda.

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