Bright, student at PEAS George in Zambia

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Bright is a 24-year old student at a PEAS school in Zambia who has faced many hurdles in his pursuit of higher education.

Before hearing about PEAS, Bright had been unable attend secondary school for three years because he could not afford the relatively high cost of fees. A hard-working and talented student, he had passed all of his exams but was faced with little hope of continuing his education. However, when he learned about PEAS' affordable, low-cost fees, he realised PEAS could offer him what he wanted and needed.

He said, “I am happy to be at a PEAS school because it is the only school which can understand and push my education further and it is the only school with school fees which I can manage.”

Bright added, "A lot of people need secondary education. There are others who are still suffering just to get education. Some it’s because of distance while others it’s the schools that are expensive. Hence, building of such schools here in Zambia is a good initiative as it is helping us afford secondary education which will change our lives and give us a future.”

Bright is now enjoying school life at PEAS. His favourite subject is English Literature and he takes part in several extracurricular activities, including debate club. He has found that participating in debate club helps him think more broadly - finding bad and good sides to every situation. When he completes secondary school, he would love to become a lawyer: "I want to become a big lawyer and fight for my people." He also likes the teachers' teaching techniques and the motivational talks they give.

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