Sarah Ntiiro High School is one of the older PEAS schools and we expect it to grow significantly after adding facilities to it in the last few months. 

The name, Sarah Ntiiro, commemorates the first ever female graduate from Uganda's top university, Makerere University. She acts as a source of inspiration to the young people who are part of the school.

The school was recently chosen to pilot a new income generating activity - poultry farming. After a comprehensive business plan showed potentially healthy profits from rearing poultry to sell eggs and eventually meat, we decided to invest in one project to test it. So far the project has been a success and the school should be able to pay back the initial investment within one year. Then the school will be supported by the finance team at PEAS Uganda to invest future profits from the project in improving schools facilities, increasing teachers salaries and in building a reserve for the school's future needs.

School Director Anatoli Wafuala and Headteacher Francis Bogere lead 13 teaching staff and eight non-teaching staff to provide 13 'O' level and eight 'A' level subjects.