Imagine, for a minute, that you are an 11 year old girl...

Did you hear our appeal broadcast on BBC Radio 4? Listen again now.

Our supporter, poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, explained that three in every four children in Uganda have no access to education beyond primary school.

Robina is in her final year of primary school in the Mayuge District of Eastern Uganda. Her parents both earn a small income as farm workers and the nearest public secondary school is 10 kilometres away. Robina's dream is to become a nurse but to achieve that she must continue with her studies.

Listen to why Carol Ann Duffy supports PEAS

PEAS have built a secondary school in the community where Robina lives so she, and her classmates, have the chance to attend low-cost secondary education and fulfill their potential.

Girls in-particular face challenges even if they the lucky ones that go to secondary school. A girl will miss, on average, three days of school every month because of her period. Sanitary provision is expensive and girls often use rags of old clothes, or in some case nothing, during their menstural cycle.

PEAS are providing students with re-usable sanitary pads, extra curricular support to help them empower them about female issues and workshops to provide new skills that will support their employability after school.

We've established Girls' Clubs across our school network to ensure girls have the best opportunity to reach their potential by attending classes, staying in schools and performing as well as they can in their exams.

Robina tells us her dreams