The Economic Policy Research Council (EPRC), a leading Ugandan think-tank have found that PEAS schools are not only serving a disadvantaged student population that largely would not access school otherwise but PEAS schools are helping students to close the achievement gap and adding greater value to students.  

In their baseline report on the 'Evaluation of the PEAS Network under the Uganda USE Programme', the EPRC found that:

  • PEAS admits significantly more students from the poorest backgrounds than do other schools; 60% of PEAS students are from the two lowest asset quintiles, compared with 39% in government and 18% in private schools
  • PEAS students have worse prior attainment than students in other schools – the average Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) score for PEAS students is statistically worse than that of government and private school students; many PEAS students would not be admitted to other schools due to PLE cut-offs
  • Although students in PEAS schools have worse prior attainment, when tested in the NAPE English and Maths assessments, PEAS students performed as well or better than their more privileged peers

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EPRC Briefing