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Social Enabler Programme, 2017

PEAS CEO, John Rendel - Rockefeller Top One Hundred Next Century Innovators and Courvoisier Future 500


PEAS CEO, John Rendel - Rising CEO Star

Charity Times Awards, 2014

Overall Winner and Winner of the International Development Category

Charity Awards, 2013

PEAS CEO, John Rendel - Best International Aid and Development Award

Wise Awards, 2013


No child left behind


Public Private Partnerships in Education in Developing Countries


A Young World - Uganda


How to keep a girl in school for 56p - Helen Lewis

August 2016


Social Innovation for Public Service Excellence

May 2014

Tackling Uganda's lack of secondary school places

January 2014


Jobbicks Kalumba

Permanent Secretary – Northern Province, Zambia – about the new PEAS Kampinda school, opened in January 2018

“The construction of a secondary school by PEAS in the Northern Province is a strength for today and a brighter hope for the future. The school will bring hope to thousands of our children in this part of the country and through education they will be able to gain knowledge to transform their lives in the years to come.”

Stephen Twigg

Chair of the International Development Select Committee, 2017

“Investments in low-fee private schools should only be made on an exceptional basis, where there is clear evidence that the school’s target children would otherwise not be able to receive education in a government school - for example the very impressive PEAS schools which target marginalised, rural girls in Uganda.”

Jeremy Paxman

Journalist and Broadcaster and PEAS Ambassador, 2014

“What struck me about PEAS is the clever thinking behind the charity and the innovative SmartAid model that it is built on. PEAS schools not only meet an urgent demand for secondary schooling, but as the model is focused on sustainability, once a school place is created it will continue to benefit the community for generations. In contrast to other charities that rely on UK funding to operate, PEAS schools cover their running costs through local revenues, securing their long term future”.

Justine Greening

Former Secretary of State for International Development, 2012

"When female secondary school enrolment in some sub-Saharan countries is as low as seven per cent, PEAS' target of ensuring that at least half of its students are girls is vital. This is life changing work. "


Previous Head Prefect at Onwards & Upwards in Uganda

“PEAS Onwards & Upwards school has made me who I am. I never wished to be a leader; I never knew how I could be a leader. It has been this school that changed all that for me.”

After graduating from PEAS Onwards & Upwards in 2016, Olivia started studying a Bachelors of Art with Education at University, and is progressing towards her dream of becoming a lecturer.