Our mission is to ensure more African children have access to quality secondary education.

PEAS forms partnerships with national governments, which enable PEAS to build and run sustainable secondary schools in Africa.  

Building schools

There are simply not enough affordable, quality secondary schools, especially in rural areas.

  • We build in areas where 250 or more children leave primary school every year without a secondary school to attend
  • We select sites in partnership with the national government to ensure we fulfil a real need

Running great schools

PEAS schools consistently outperform national norms, in terms of both education quality and broadening access. We do this by:

  • Providing in-country support for each school including:
    • Teacher and school leader training;
    • School inspection and school improvement planning;
    • Facilitating peer-to-peer leadership mentoring;
    • Data-driven performance management; and
    • Financial audit.
  • Supporting the director and head teacher in each school to continually improve student outcomes. PEAS empowers the individual school leadership teams who are accountable for running their school and delivering a great education.
  • PEAS develops extra-curricular programmes that prepare students to define and lead fulfilling and socially-responsible lives.

Helping others run great schools

To widen our impact, we proactively share what we’ve learnt to help others build and run great schools. This includes helping to adapt our tried-and-tested management tools and processes, and meeting with other operators to share experiences.