Over 60% of our Ugandan students are from the poorest households in Uganda
PEAS schools rank in the top 25% of all secondary schools in Uganda measured by learning progress
Per pupil operating costs are 15% lower than those of state-run schools, making our model cost-effective and one that can be replicated at scale

PEAS strives to be a data-driven organisation, placing internally and externally-collected data at the heart of our decision making. Our systems enable us to regularly review performance, share what we’ve learnt, and improve our work to achieve greater impact. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.


Latest Reports

Apart from our internal Monitoring and Evaluation activities, PEAS periodically commissions independent evaluations to understand the performance of our programmes in achieving their goals.

Prizes and Recognition

Prizes and recognition of PEAS from industry specialists, our partners, our students and others.