Our vision: A world where all children enjoy an education that unlocks their full potential

Our mission: To expand access to sustainably delivered, quality secondary education across Africa

Some key stats on our progress to date are below:



✔ Girls make up 55% of our students in Zambia and 51% in Uganda, improving gender equity in education.

✔ PEAS schools admit 1.5x as many of the poorest students as do government schools in Uganda and serve more disadvantaged communities.



✔ PEAS students in Uganda start school behind and make faster learning progress than their peers in other school types.

School leadership & management in PEAS schools in Uganda is as strong as in secondary schools in the UK.



✔ PEAS schools are more cost-effective, spending significantly less per child in delivering education than government schools in Uganda.

✔ 23 out of our 28 schools in Uganda are already sustainable and cover their own operating costs every year.


Headlines from our most recent external evaluation

Download the 9-page Summary of the Results Today

Download the 9-page Summary of the Results Today