Our SmartAid model means we raise funds for the buildings and start-up costs of schools. The schools then run under their own incomes ensuring they don't depend on continued fundraising.

Government subsidies, lunch fees and boarding fees underpin the sustainability of our schools. These incomes are what makes the PEAS model scalable and innovative. They ensure every pound or dollar you give, educates far more students in the long run.

Funds raised internationally can be spent on creating even more new schools allowing PEAS to provide thousands and thousands of new secondary school places for young people. Our SmartAid model also ensures that PEAS interventions avoid dependency or market distortions. 

The programmes of most international charities ends when funding ends. With SmartAid, a donation today creates impact for generations. And a donation tomorrow creates even more!

Aside from ensuring long term financial security, this financial independence also leads to more empowered local ownership and leadership.

Partnership with local governments is a key aspect of the PEAS model. Not only does partnering with government enable PEAS school sustainability, we believe that local partnerships promote local ownership and will lead to systemic change in the long-term.