Onwards and Upwards Secondary School really is living up to its name. Opened on 6th February, 2008 by the Ugandan Minister for Gender, Labour and Social Development, it is hugely over-subscribed and will soon reach maximum capacity of 1000 students if we are able expand the school.

The school is situated to the west of the Ugandan capital, Kampala, and serves the town of Buloba and the surrounding community. Onwards and Upwards was one of the first PEAS schools to open and has achieved the status of UNEB centre meaning it is licensed to hold state examinations.  

The name Onwards and Upwards references the philosophy and motto of the late Richard Feilden, whose architecture firm, Feilden Clegg Bradley (FCB), supported PEAS with the design of the school.

Onwards and Upwards has run a number of Income Generating Activities, for example brick making, where students learnt how to make Interlocking Stablised Soil Bricks. The school also recently performed very well in examinations, beating the district average and reaching the 'Silver' category in the national league tables. 

The school is ably lead by School Director Moses Mwanje and Headteacher Abbey Sembatye, with a staff of 27 teaching staff and 10 non-teaching staff, providing 11 'O' level and nince 'A' level subjects. 

Onwards and Upwards was mainly funded by a generous personal donation from the Stephenson family, and PEAS has continuously invested in extra facilities at the school from other donors, including Fondation Eagle, to help it grow. We hope to soon allow it to reach 1,000 students.