PEAS Zambia is growing! Thanks to our partnership with the Ministry of General Education (MOGE) in Zambia, PEAS is opening new schools and providing day school education for free to thousands more children in Zambia. 

With the MOGE's support, our new schools are sustainable from the beginning - all we need is the money to build them! 

Are you, or is someone you know, passionate about expanding access to quality education in Zambia? A donation of just £24 pays for a whole year of education at one of our schools in Zambia.

Alternatively, if you would like to learn about how you or your organisation can support us - please email [email protected] to hear more about our opportunities for partnership.

The first school under the new agreement

Thanks to the partnership with the MOGE, PEAS Kampinda opened in Kasama, Northern Province of Zambia, in January 2018 completely free of day school fees. You can read about the recent school opening in this newsletter.

Our next school in Zambia

PEAS will be building our next school in the Northern Province of Zambia, to open in January 2019. The new site is in Mungwi District, a largely rural area that relies on agriculture as a source of income, with an urgent need for secondary education. We recently visited the new school site, and were amazed to be welcomed by hundreds from the local community, who were singing and dancing in celebration of the new school!