Hibiscus High School is one of the increasing number of PEAS schools funded by the Costa Foundation.

In Ntungamo district, there are 364 primary schools, with an enrolment rate of 90%. However, just 7.6% of eligible children (who have passed their primary leavers exam) continue to secondary school because of a lack of provision. The district is also deprived and a shocking one fifth of children are orphans. There was a clear and desperate need for an affordable secondary school in this area and Hibiscus High School opened with over 300 students in February 2011.

The school has strong leadership in the form of School Director Luciano Musiime and Headteacher Andrew Arientwe who have driven the school forward. This school is growing quickly and will reach a maximum capacity of 1000 students almost as quickly as we can build extra classrooms.

The Costa Foundation kindly agreed to fund an extra three classroom block so the school could grow back in 2013. 

The school has 19 teaching staff and 7 non-teaching staff offering 11 'O' level subjects. The school also has an arable income generating project growing beans and maize.