David Sitondo joined PEAS as the Education Manager in 2018. In this role, he oversees the implementation of the PEAS education model and ensures quality education is delivered across the PEAS Zambia network. David works closely with the school leadership team to develop education programmes that empower our students by teaching them the skills needed to live a fulfilling life.

David has a wealth of experience in the education sector in Zambia, and Southern Africa, having started his career as an English Literature and Geography teacher in Zambian schools. He has a particular expertise in developing teachers’ skills and has spent time lecturing at a teacher training college in Namibia. In Zambia, David also founded the Baruthi Network, an NGO that supports teachers in their professional development. Driven by a desire to ensure education is available to all, David also produced and presented a radio programme in Zambia, which explored the challenges that learners from disadvantaged groups face accessing schools. As an ex-teacher of English Literature, David enjoys reading in his spare time and loves the book, Jane Eyre.