School for a year


Provide a child with the gift of an education. Your donation will help to support one child for one year of their education at PEAS. Read more

Dormitory bed


For students who live far away we provide secure accommodation on our school grounds. Providing dormitory accommodation for boarding students can eliminate the risks for girls walking long distances to school and creates a safe environment in which to learn. Read more

Desk and chairs


A desk and chair is much more comfortable than the floor. By providing this basic furniture our classrooms are a more pleasant place to learn. Read more

Lab equipment


For all the science enthusiasts. Basic science supplies like test tubes, bunsen burners, pipettes and chemicals will help to create the scientists of the future. Your gift will buy equipment including stop clocks, optics, magnets, electricity and much more. Read more

Solar power


Give the gift of light! Many PEAS schools are located in areas where electricity is difficult to access. This gift allows us to buy solar lamps to light five schools – a sustainable solution to this problem, allowing children to study in the evenings. Read more

Bricks and cement


Help us build from the ground up. Your donation will supply 100 bricks and one bag of cement to our construction teams in Uganda and Zambia. Whether it be to expand an existing school, or help towards building a new one, your donation will help give more children access to education. Read more