Hi Everyone,

I hope your Marathon training is going well.

I completed my first half marathon training run in prep for this years London Marathon today. I ran it in 2 hours five minutes, which is ok, but given I want to run the full Marathon in 4 hours 10 mins, I am not quite where i need to be.

It is highly improbable to run a second half Marathon faster than the first. So, at the half way mark you really need that buffer of time up your sleeve should things not go your way in the second half, when that inevitable “brick wall” hits.

The race is only 6 weeks away now, so the next month is really critical. Long runs are a premium, that is a minimum 22km plus run each week over the next four weeks to ensure the body and mind has been to that difficult point.

If you allow 2-3 weeks to “phase down” pre the Marathon day, that gives us 4-5 weeks to run per week at least one 22km, 26km, 30km and 34km run on top of the smaller runs during the week.

In Adelaide today, the weather was extreme, a high of 38 degrees. I am guessing the UK is the other extreme!

It is times like this you look for inspiration…it is out their, you just have to find and tap into it. For those that follow the EPL, look no further than the incredible performance of Leicester City… top of the table and heading toward a title.

For me, it is my son Oscar. He is in an intense training phase at his College in prep for the “Head of the River” Rowing Regatta this weekend. He has trained so hard, 7 sessions a week for the last 4 months and the big day is only a week away. He certainly has provided me inspiration.

Just as much is the inspiration of the great work PEAS provide for the children of Uganda. Having visited Ndeija school last year, it was brilliant to see first hand what PEAS do. That is inspiration enough for me!

Good Luck with your training. Remember the next month is critical to either make up lost ground or to maintain momentum.

Good Luck from Down Under.

Tony McGuinness - Adelaide, Australia