Hi Everyone,

Well here Down Under, I am at the end of the second month of training.

Having run 12 previous Marathons, you would think it gets easier but it only does marginally.

That said, having started training for the London Marathon 2016 earlier than normal and with two months to go the big day, I am feeling in reasonable shape and looking forward to upping the tempo!

The last 2 months has been an introductory period, about 40km a week made up of 4 runs per week and a combination of 5km, 8km and 12km runs, no longer than this.

The next month will be more intense, 4 runs per week of 8km, 12km and 20km runs…about 50-60km total each week.

In Australia we are in the middle of summer so some of the days are quite warm to run, 30-35 degrees as a maximum.

However, I would rather that than the cold London Winter weather!

So, wherever you are at in your preparation, keep up the hard work. It will pay off on race day believe me. I can’t wait to get back to London. 

Keep up the great work with fundraising for PEAS as well, it makes it all the more worthwhile.

Tony McGuinness shares his thoughts on training in Australia for this year's Virgin London Marathon