On International Womens Day we wanted to share the story of Sarah Mouwanguzi.

Sarah is a teacher and chose to send her daughter Peace, 13, to a PEAS school.

“The schools are good for Uganda…they have bridged the gap of equality in education between the schools in the urban areas and in the upper countries. We couldn’t afford to take our children to get such good services. But the services that are offered in the [PEAS] school, they are like those in the urban areas.”

Without an ambition you can’t achieve.

As well as the standards of education, Sarah also likes that, unlike other schools, the fees are “pocket friendly”, and can be paid in instalments. Students are also given lunch, which she knows is important for the “body and for the brain”; she believes that “a hungry [child] cannot understand…the class”.

"We are so grateful because they have made our future wide and open because if it was not so we would not have managed… we appreciate all the support that PEAS have given us.